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My name is Sasha Kovaliov
Learning Architect ● Instructional Designer ● Facilitator ● Meditation Teacher ● Marketing Strategist



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Learning Architect
Facilitator ● Coach
Emotionally Intelligent Communicator
Motivation and Inspiration Ambassador
Creative Analytical Thinker
Strategist and Achiever
Learning Architect
  • Programs design across locations, employee levels and job roles
  • Assessment and identification of key learning priorities, needs & goals
  • Application of different educational methodologies to relevant organizational environments
  • Determination of training requirements
Facilitator ● Coach
  • Creating safe learning environment
  • Virtual and in-person group training
  • 1:1 mentoring and coaching
  • Onstage presence
  • Development and support of team onboarding and growth
  • Innovative and creative approach to material presentation
  • Expert storyteller and experienced content producer, proficient in graphics, video & audio design
  • Brand creator and strategist
  • Efficient cross-team collaborator
  • Decade long meditation and mindfulness practitioner
  • Strong business ethics based on honesty and transparency
Motivation Ambassador
  • Progressive people management, building and developing high-performing teams
  • Career growth guidance and employees job performance enhancements
  • Improving company-wide initiatives by inspiring collaboration and aligning cross-department teams
Creative Analytical Thinker
  • Defining objectives, goals and metrics based on companies strategy
  • Gathering, analysis and evaluation of multiple data points
  • Transforming data into actionable insights and discovering trends
  • Visualizing data and presenting it in easy-to-understand reports
Strategist and Achiver
  • Creating a compelling strategy and transforming it into actions, based on business goals and metrics
  • Deep understanding of B2B and B2C product development and design cycle
  • Hiring, leading and managing cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams remotely and in-person
  • Developing and implementing diverse marketing campaigns
  • Project management

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Web Design and Development

Business and Strategy


Obvious Magic Course

100-days meditation class for beginners and experienced meditators alike. Start seeing miracles again and thrive in all areas of your life.





leading classes

During the 12 weeks of classes students learn meditation tools that benefit their lives almost immediately!

They feel calmer and more relaxed, learn how to manage stress, improve relationships in their personal life and at work, feel happier and more focused.

I help learners create a lasting change so they can open up their hearts to miracles and thrive in all areas of their lives.

Little Happiness Class

8 weeks happiness and fulfillment class with focus on experiential learning that delivers big results.



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in happiness

For the last few years I’ve been trying to understand what happiness is and what makes me personally and all of us human beings happy. And I’m excited to say that I have succeeded!

Of course, there are still hard days and difficulties still happen. What I learned is that you can still be happy even if you are sick, unemployed, uncertain about the future, in physical or emotional pain, or going through a major life change. No matter what the circumstances are, happiness is obtainable and accessible to you.

I’ve decided to put everything I have learned and practiced for the last few years into a short eight-week course I called Little Happiness Class.

in development
in development

Digital Rituals Workshop

2 hour workshop and an ebook full of simple rituals you can practice in a group and in 1-on-1 virtual meetings.  






Have you ever heard of Netflix fatigue? Or Mario fatigue? No!

But how many times have you heard someone complain about Zoom fatigue in the last year?

I get texts from friends and colleagues all the time saying they are bored. And when I ask them what they are doing, they reply that they are in a meeting!

After 5 years of teaching in a traditional face-to-face setting and facilitating digital classes I have created and tested out many useful rituals you can introduce into your professional environment to make meetings engaging and productive!

So many people say digital meetings are subpar, when comparing them to offline experiences. And there is no denying that ‒ digital meetings throw us into a sensual and experiential vacuum. We can’t rely on the same social clues, traditions or our own sense to figure out what’s going on and how we should behave.

This workshop and ebook will show you how you can make virtual meetings as productive as face-to-face ones, how to make participants engaged from start to end, and how to create a feeling of belonging with clear social cues and expectations.

Digital Detox Program

Everything you need to prep for a successful 1-5 days of an offline adventure!



of original





Past three years I’ve been practicing total disconnect from black mirror devices.

The goal is simple – to regain attention and awareness, increase the power of focus and concentration, become more balanced and relaxed, cultivate creativity and learn new things.

This kind of tech detox is not only possible, but necessary and vital for most of us. It is essential to realize how much time is spent in front of the screens, to truly comprehend the addiction to the black shiny rectangles, to the patterns and shadow impulses in our behavior we don’t even know are present. 

I created this resource to provide a structured way to prepare, plan, carry out and come out of digital detox for everyone with full support and guidance. 

It’s a workbook that includes clear instructions on setting up your environment, how to introduce the topic at work and at home to get support you need, how to set up goals and intentions to motivate yourself on this journey, recipes and activities you can try out, reflection and gratitude journal, a recommended book list and simple meditation and breathing exercises to aid you.

in development
in development

B2B L&D Campaign

6+ months long campaign aimed at helping SMBs to close more deals and increase their revenue. 100% original content published through various channels: ebooks, blog posts, social media, webinars.


Paid customers

converting channel





A man is only as good as his tools, but the opposite is also true: a tool is only as good as the person using it.

Educating customers on how to use your product is important. What’s more important is to create conditions for them to use the product in first place and make it sticky.

Therefore investing in educating your customers should be among your top priorities.

We spoke to clients, figuring out their pains and it turned out selling and winning deals was a problem for many SMBs. So we got down to work.

We created a portal jampacked with resources ranging from evaluating an opportunity for potential bidding to how successfully close a deal. We invited experts to share their advice and made two strong ebooks for business owners and their teams.

We made this information available where the customers spent their time: social media, blogs, webinars, email campaigns.

The business results were stellar: content quickly became #2 marketing channel in converting traffic to paid customers and the company established itself as a thought-leader across different industries.

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